Byron Grass Fed was born from a desire to connect ethical meat producers to like minded consumers. We believe this is a model that helps us move closer to a more sustainable and healthier food system for the future.

We feel strongly that it's time to honour food produced with the best intentions and reward farmers who are not just producing food but providing a service to our land.

We are passionate about making the best choices for health our land, animals and us. We are excited to be part of the growing ethical food movement that seeks to connect good produce to those who seek it. 

All Byron Grass Fed Beef is sourced directly from a very select group of farmers local to the Byron Bay region that are 100% grass fed and finished, no grain. Our farmers do not use chemicals on their pastures and use farming practices that are regenerative.  That is, working with nature not against to give back to the land rather than simply taking from it an approach we should all consider greatly when thinking about food.

By bringing the most ethical sustainable farmers together we can make grass fed and finished beef in our region accessible which is something we haven’t see before as it is more challenging to farm this way in the north coast of NSW, but we are proving it can be done.

Please sign up below to keep informed of various specials and cow share offers which are very 3 weeks or so. Otherwise you can find us at local Farmers markets: Mullumbimby Farmers Market every Friday 7am - 11am or Yamba on Wednesdays 7am-11am.  

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