Cooking Tips

A few simple steps to follow for cooking a great grass fed steak. For those who have enjoyed the delicious samples at farmers markets, its as easy as below.


Bring meat to room temperature - Bring out of fridge, take out of the Cryovac bag. Don’t be put off if there is a funny smell, this is common in Cryovaced meats, the smell is a chemical reaction to being starved from oxygen, once it gets a chance to breathe it will go away and your meat will be fine. Simply feel with your fingers to gauge the temp.

Season - Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil - Don’t be shy here and get a good amount of salt on the fatty parts especially on your T bones. Your meat can sit like this for a good 10 or so minutes before cooking whilst coming to room temperature.

Cook - Place onto BBQ, pan or grill as hot as it will go, make sure it has had time to heat up, listen for that great sounding sizzle and you know you've got it right. The key is getting some nice brown caramelisation on the meat.

Once on don’t touch it, leave to cook for 2 - 4 minutes depending on the thickness. Our Larger T bones would be around 4 minutes. Round steaks and blade steaks generally 2 minutes, for these cuts in particular closer to rare is really nice. I recommend medium rare and no more for our 100% grass fed steaks, this I find is the ideal.

Flip and cook for about half the time as on the first side.

Rest - Pull off and let your meat rest for at least 5 minutes. General rule of thumb is let it rest for as long as you have cooked it at least. He meat will continue to cook a bit once off and the resting will let it tenderise.

Serve - For Round and Blade steaks I recommend slicing them into thinner pieces once your meat has rested, then give another small dose of salt and peeper and serve.