At Byron Grass Fed we take our cues from natural systems and as such our cows do not eat high-input intensively-farmed grains. They eat grass which is essentially a free source of energy that is created by the sun.

Grain is expensive for farmers to purchase and takes a heavy toll on the land it is grown in. Monoculture crops (like grain) grown for animal feed also usually require heavy synthetic inputs in the form of fertilisers and pesticides. None of this is good for the land, animals or human health.  

Cows’ digestive systems are not designed for grain and actually changes the fat in an animal for the worse. However, while most Australian cows are raised on grass they are still finished off with grain or even worse spend their last days in a feed lot, to ensure they have the fat content in time to make it saleable for market. We select our cattle only when they are ready, which is the right time determined by nature not forcing it with an unnatural input like industrial grain.

We only source cattle that are 100% grass fed and finished local to the Byron Bay region ( no further than 5okm).  Further more we are committed to sourcing only from farms that are committed to chemical free pastures - no sprays and no synthetic fertilisers.

Beef in Our Region.

It is important to note that in the Northern Rivers it is known to be particularly difficult to fatten animals to the “desired” weights or fat content purely off grass as our grasses generally do not have the high protein density of other cooler dryer areas. This is why we need to develop farming practice and management that suites our specific local environment which is challenging in an area where most farmers will tell you that “you cant fatten cattle without grain in these parts”. We now know this not to be true and have been successful in producing some of the best beef top chefs in our area have seen with no grain. There are ways of producing premium quality beef off our coastal grasses not using grain working with nature not against it.

Flavour and fat content of 100% grass fed beef will vary slightly due to the changing of seasons, climatic conditions and the varied pastoral diet. There is no such thing as consistency in nature there fore we should not expect this entirely, from our food.

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